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HungryMoose are specialist bespoke school, nursery and pre-school caterers providing quality fresh, healthy, nutritious hot lunch & tea meal options that are delivered on site enabling your team to be at the forefront of providing great childcare in Hampshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire. Here at HungryMoose catering, we pride ourselves on creating innovative healthy meal options for children in school and nursery environments.

Having experienced childcare professionals at our core we fully recognise the incredible job that Early Years professionals and teachers do on a daily basis, and it is the HungryMoose mission to make food times not only  fun, safe and delicious for children, but also to support nurseries and schools in reducing workloads for their hardworking practitioners.

We fully support healthy eating, oral care and all current aspects of Ofsted inspection guidelines, weve even heped childcare provisions with their inspections on the day attaining Outstanding status. We will go above and beyond every single time, our customers are the core of our business and we will do everything we can to help.

We not only offer 1 but 2 hot meal options freshly prepared daily and delivered to your door ready to serve daily! You can see the difference for yourself, from homemade bread, pitta, naan, cakes, desserts and even luxury sausage rolls using delicious cuts of meat we cater for all religious and dietary needs as standar.

All your staff need to do is portion and serve, we even send you daily guides advising on portion size and fun facts! As well as fun facts we also align with the childcare industry by celbrating international days across the globe, whether it be Hannukah, World Braille Day, Christmas Day, Chinese New Year, Halloween, Ramadan, Easter, Diwali or just simply world Dessert day, HungryMoose are here helping you celbrate it with homemade items to match!

During the COVID pandemic we also appreciate how hard it is for staff to get food delivered so we are also offering to send basic groceries, fruit boxes and breakfast options saving for staff time and money!

Its never JUST food, its HungryMoose food!




Simply spend five minutes of your week completing our online ordering system and we will do the rest!


Tell us all about your children’s dietary needs and allergies and we will provide them with food cooked especially with love for them.


Then just sit back and wait for one of our friendly delivery drivers to arrive with your ready to serve hot meals and ticket to stress free meal time!

Our Team of Experts

At HungryMoose we are lucky enough to not only have a talented and dedicated team of chefs and catering staff to prepare tasty, nutritious meals for children, but also a former nursery manager with over 15 years of nursery experience. This unique team allows us a true insight into what children need and like, as well as the day to day challenges that nurseries and schools face such as managing dietary requirements and children with allergies. We believe that this passion for not only food but also education is what makes us the catering company to fulfil your needs.


Head Chef


Regional Director


Site Operations Manager

Want to try our food?

The best way to see how our catering service will fit into your nursery or school is to try it. We believe our food speaks for itself and offer a no-obligation taster service where you can enjoy a selection of the food from our menus in the comfort of your own nursery or school.


As a follower of our blog you’ll be first in line for all the latest news from HungryMoose. See our food being prepared, provide feedback on potential new dishes and pick up nutrition tips, recipe ideas and much more.

Tomato & Cheese Swirl

Today for Tea we served a homemade Tomato and Cheese swirl made with puff pastry our chunky tomato sauce and grated mature cheddar. Puff pastry, also known as pĂąte feuilletĂ©e, is a flaky light pastry made from a laminated dough composed of dough and butter or other solid fat. The butter is put inside the […]

Chicken and Mushroom Stroganoff

Today for lunch we served a Chicken and Mushroom Stroganoff served with steamed basmati rice, petit pois and green beans Stroganoff is a popular Russian dish of small pieces of beef fillet sautĂ©ed in sour cream sauce together with onions and mushrooms. The dish was named after Count Alexander Grigorievich Stroganoff, who lived in the late […]

Spring Pot Chicken

Today for lunch we served a spring pot chicken with steamed long grain rice, sweetcorn and broccoli florets. You may not realize it, but chickens are actually pretty cool! Chickens are the most common bird in the world. In fact, there are more chickens on earth than any other type of bird. There are even […]

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I know you're busy, but let's take some time to talk about what you'd like to be eating. Everyone's dietary needs and styles are unique. Drop us a line, and we can figure out what sort of a meal plan works for your goals and lifestyle!


Let's chat about food!

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