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The Hungrymoose Story

Here at HungryMoose catering, we pride ourselves on creating innovative healthy meal options for children in school and nursery environments. We recognise the incredible job that Early Years professionals and teachers do on a daily basis, and it is the HungryMoose mission to make times not only a fun, safe and delicious for children, but also to support nurseries and schools in reducing workloads for their hardworking practitioners.

At HungryMoose we are lucky enough to not only have a talented and dedicated team of chefs and catering staff to prepare tasty, nutritious meals for children, but also a former nursery manager with over 15 years of nursery experience. This unique team allows us a true insight into what children need and like, as well as the day to day challenges that nurseries and schools face such as managing dietary requirements and children with allergies. We believe that this passion for not only food but also education is what makes us the catering company to fulfil your needs.

At HungryMoose catering we promote healthy living and our team of passionate nursery chefs cook fresh healthy homemade nutritious meals to encourage a balanced healthy diet.

Our food is prepared on site and fresh by our team of chefs who develop our menus for pre-school children. Our recipes are designed to ensure the meals we deliver meet the required nutritional values need in pre-school students

Special Diets
We cater for all dietary needs whether it be intolerance, cultural or just personal choice

Food Safety
We pride ourselves on our food safety standards, ensuring the highest quality of food safety, quality and hygiene are adhered to at all times.

*Please note, guidance given for children between birth and 12months differs from the guidance given for children aged between 1 and 5. We can supply fruit only upon request and our chefs will freshly make each morning fruit purees as required.

Our ingredients

All of our ingredients are sourced from local suppliers using ethical and sustainable British farm to fork quality assured meats, sustainable MSC fish stocks, free range eggs and fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit. We understand that as childcare providers, parents look to you to provide their precious little ones with only the highest quality meals, so here at HungryMoose we will support your setting in doing exactly that! All our ingredients are inspired by the season which makes it easy to source them fresh and locally. Our experts create both Summer and Winter menus which are offered to you on a three week rotation. HungryMoose provide well balanced nutritious, freshly cooked meals catering for all individual, cultural & dietary needs. At HungryMoose we do not add any sugar or salt to our food. We like let the ingredients speak for themselves, only using a selection of herbs and spices to enhance the natural flavours of the food. We believe that our commitment in offering freshly cooked tasty meals seasoned with spoonfuls of passion and a sprinkling of fun provide children with the fuel they need to tackle each day.

Our Fish

All our Fish come from UK approved MSC certified fisheries

Our Meat

Our fresh meat comes from a local sustainable supplier just down the road in Hampshire. Who provide our meat to our own specific needs including low salt

Our Dairy

All dairy products provided to us are low in fat and added sugars.

Managing Allergies

At HungryMoose catering we are aware that children can have allergies which can cause allergic reactions. Staff are trained & made aware of any signs or symptoms of a possible allergic reaction. All of our food goes through rigorous checks before being sent out to the nurseries and schools and is ingredient checked, cooked and labelled by a dedicated allergen chef using seperate equipment and utensils before leaving our kitchen.

HungryMoose make mealtimes safer- but how?

Whilst we at HungryMoose cannot guarantee a completely allergen free environment we will work tirelessly to reduce the risk of exposure with identification ,instruction and information. We keep up to date with the latest advice from food standards agency on food allergy and intolerance awareness. We have a policy when creating our menus not to use nuts in our food prepared on site however we cannot guarantee freedom of nut traces.

Specialist knowledge

Meals for children with allergies will only be packaged by a senior chef with specialist knowledge in food allergens.

Clearly Labelled

All food for a child with an allergy or dietary preferences will come not only labelled with the child’s name but with a full ingredient list. We understand nursery policies better than any other catering company and we know that you are required to meticulously check at every level. Let us make your job easier.

designed around allergens

Our commercial kitchen is designed with food allergies at the forefront of our minds, with plenty of space to prepare and store food for children who have food allergies away from high risk allergens.

Fully trained

We ensure that every member of the HungryMoose team from chefs to delivery drivers are fully trained in allergy management. Early years and Education have never been doing a more important job as the amount of children with allergies rises yearly, let our knowledgeable team of experts take the lead on food safety in your setting.

Label checking

At HungryMoose we are all too aware that suppliers can change their ingredient composition. That is why we re-check labels with every new delivery leaving no room for error.

Special dietary needs

We are dedicated to providing alternative meals for children with special diets which not only match in nutritional value but also in the delicious way they look. We never want a child to feel singled out or different because of the food they are given.

From us to you - piece of cake


HungryMoose meals are freshly prepared daily and delivered to your local nursery or school. All meals are delivered in eco thermal insulated food boxes keeping the meals fresh and hot on arrival any dietary allergen free meals and special diets will be clearly labeled and in separate containers for you peace of mind and convenience.

All meals will arrive at a safe hot/holding temperature until ready to serve including data temperature log sheet which will form our HACCP link from central production unit to nursery schools. All food deliveries comply with traceability following environmental health catering transport guidelines.

We ask that you probe your main course before just before service. Please check your allergen sheet for driver probe temperatures and times (if applicable). High Risk Food such as Protein dishes, Rice etc is safe to consume up to 2 hours after falling below 63 degrees Celsius. All our dishes are made to be eaten at lunchtime on the day of the delivery.

Food Hygiene & Safety


HungryMoose Catering Ltd does not use any nut products and/or nut derivatives in any Goods and provides menus which highlight for each food item/meal which of the 14 allergens covered by The EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation (EU FIC) are present. Suitable alternative meals will be provided on request. However, the Company does not guarantee that any of the products which are provided by its suppliers have not come into contact with nuts, nut derivatives or any other allergens, prior to their supply to the Company, and therefore the Company cannot accept responsibility for any reaction that any person may have to any Goods. The Company accepts no liability and will not be liable for any claim howsoever caused arising from any incident involving any person’s allergy whether it be a nut allergy or otherwise.

HungryMoose catering are a registered school and nursery caterer with the Basingstoke & Deane county council, we are a registered food provider and adhere to BS039.

We are a UK (Conditionally) Approved food business registered with Hampshire County Council.

As a privately owned business we operate in compliance with Food Safety and Hygiene Standards set out by the food standards agency. Our approval number is …….. under Hampshire County Council

We only source our high risk products such as meat and fish from approved suppliers

All our allergen information is provided to our nurseries on their daily allergen sheet. We no longer add this to our menus as we will make a close alternative to a dish for specific dietary needs

We have a £10 million Public liability insurance cover



We use a wide range of ingredients and flavours combined with our locally sourced meat and seasonal ingredients. Our meals aim to give the children a meal that they may not normally come into contact with outside of nursery. This helps children develop the sensitivity for different foods.



We create a range of Menu’s and dishes to cover all dietary requirements. Ensuring all children are catered for and receive a balanced meal regardless of cultural or medical limitations



Our Mission is to encourage children to eat healthy whilst also gaining the knowledge of food from different origins. We also want the children in your setting to look forward to meal times and a joyful part of there day at nursery



over 25 years of catering knowledge with chefs from all different backgrounds with staff from early years backgrounds, to give children exciting and varied menus with healthy and balanced diet at the the forefront of our operation.



To provide children with meals that are low in salt and added sugar, but also with the right balance for the high energy environment of pre-school.



The ‘Eat Better, Start Better’ Guide when formulating our menus, to ensure we meet the required standards set out by the Early Years Foundation Stage.



Up to date with current food trends as well as mixing in some more classic dishes. These dishes include the nutritional requirements a early years child needs for there development.

What nurseries say


Working with HungryMoose has been a breath of fresh air for our day nursery. The team are friendly and approachable and what I love the most is that they welcome feedback about what the children like and don’t like and where they can, adapt the menu accordingly. When I initially met with them, their knowledge of how nurseries run shone through and put my mind completely at ease when it comes to children with allergies! Having someone who has been in my shoes and understands the challenges of running a nursery has been invaluable to us! On top of all of this- the food is delicious- we especially love the themed days as chance for the whole nursery to get dressed up and have some fun whilst embracing the diverse cultures within our setting!

Rebecca Walters- Day Nursery Manager Basingstoke

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