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Slow Cooked Pork

Posted: 11 February, 2022

Today for lunch we have served a really nice Slow Cooked Pulled Pork Shoulder with Crushed Potatoes & Seasonal Vegetables. For Dessert it was One of the children’s Favourites Chocolate Crispy Cake.

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HungryMoose are specialist bespoke school, nursery and pre-school caterers providing quality fresh, healthy, nutritious hot lunch & tea meal options that are delivered on site enabling your team to be at the forefront of providing great childcare in Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Wiltshire. Here at HungryMoose catering, we pride ourselves on creating innovative healthy meal options for children in school and nursery environments. We recognise the incredible job that Early Years professionals and teachers do on a daily basis, and it is the HungryMoose mission to make times not only a fun, safe and delicious for children, but also to support nurseries and schools in reducing workloads for their hardworking practitioners. We not only offer 1 but 2 hot meal options freshly prepared daily and delivered to your door ready to serve daily! During the COVID pandemic we also appreciate how hard it is for staff to get food delivered so we are also offering to send basic groceries, fruit boxes and breakfast options saving for staff time and money!

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